inFIRE is the international network for Fire Information and Reference Exchange, a worldwide consortium of libraries and affiliate organizations in fire emergency and associated field. This consortium aims to facilitate the exchange of resources and expertise among members through online platforms and the annual inFIRE conference. Members of inFIRE include libraries, information centers, research institutions, and other organizations engaged in fire- and emergency related activities. The conference serves as a forum for presentations on the latest developments in fire research, innovative technologies, and emerging trends in the field, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking.

Mission Statement

To foster a global community of fire librarians and affiliate fire emergency organizations, inFIRE facilitates the exchange of fire information and resources. Our commitment to this mission includes:

  1. Sharing innovative ideas and best practices related to emerging trends, technology, marketing, and fire emergency related organization.
  2. Broadening access to information and resources through collaborative sharing initiatives.
  3. Offering opportunities for professional development and addressing relevant skills and concerns.
  4. Encouraging open communication and collaboration among members.
  5. Providing valuable services and products as defined by the inFIRE Executive Committee and membership, ultimately enhancing the ability of our members to meet the evolving needs of their clients in the field of fire and emergency.