1998 inFIRE Annual Conference

Organized by Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Training Complex, Australia
Melbourne, Australia | May 4-8

About the Conference

The 1998 inFIRE Conference was held in Melbourne in May. Fire information professionals and fire fighters from Europe, North America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia attended the five-day event at the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Training Complex in Melbourne, Australia.

The theme "Fire Information for the 21st Century" was addressed from a variety of angles -- the communication of risk, the information needs for public awareness campaigns and research, the tactical uses of information in fire services, the need for a well informed fire fighter, and the fire information specialists.

Three days were devoted to the more specific interest of information professionals in Emergency services : information literacy training for front line personnel, knowledge management, information modelling, Intranet and information brokering initiatives, and the opportunities opening up for librarians in emergency services to expand traditional services and move into new areas.

A common theme was that information and knowledge are not the inevitable outcomes of the increasing availability of information technology and access to the Internet. Information and knowledge grow from the application of subject expertise and information management skills, knowing what data to collect and how to interpret it, and fostering an information literate user base.

Conference Program

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Copies of the proceedings (22 papers) can be obtained from :

Susan F. Walker
Fire Protection Publications Library
Oklahoma State University
930 N. Willis
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-7046
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Meeting Minutes

inFIRE Committee Meeting, November 8-9 1998, Norwood MA