2002 inFIRE Annual Conference

Organized by Fire Information Group, England, UK | FIG Conference Page
London, UK | May 27-31

About the Conference

Theme: 2nd International Fire Information Conference

Conference Program

Conference Program


Thursday, May 30

  • Overview of fire statistics- What do they really mean? - Where do they come from? - Are they comparable elsewhere?
    Glyn Evans - Fire Safety Adviser to the UK Fire Brigades Union
  • Creating Distance Learning Library Services for Illinois Firefighters: An Integrated Information Service with Online Firefighter II Certification Program.
    Lian Ruan, Illinois Fire Service Institute
  • Getting fire on the European political agenda - An overview: February 2002 was a very successful fire safety seminar. September's terrorist assaults in the USA have affected virtually every branch of our fire safety community but other cross boundary concerns exist.
    Ian Targett & Dominc Church, Fire Safety Development Group, Westminster Advisers

Friday, May 31

  • Nailing ectoplasm to the wall -- Serials control and electronic journals. Serials control has been described as being like "nailing jello to the wall." Electronic journals add (or is it take away?) a whole new dimension to the librarian's life.
    Martha Gunnarson, WPI Library
  • Experience of a librarian involved in the development of ELID. ANPI participates since April 2001 in the development of the electronic intervention map "ELID".
    Jeannine Driessens, ANPI - NVBB
  • Fire Officer Professional Development in the United States -- A Varied History, Recent Developments, and Future Changes.
    Chris Neal, Director, Oklahoma State University Fire Protection Publications and Executive Director, International Fire Service Training Association
  • Travel and Tour Operators Risk Assessment Programmes.
    Colin McGregor, General Manager Health and Safety
  • A Fire/Forensic consultant's work and information needs: Fire investigators need experience and knowledge of, and be trained in subjects as diverse as, firefighting, natural sciences, engineering, forensic medicine, police procedures, various aspects of criminal and civil law and psychology.
    Dr. Roger Berrett, Practising Forensic Scientist

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